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The Famous House of David Baseball Team

House of David Baseball Team

The House of David Baseball team was, without a doubt, one of the most famous and most talked about baseball teams of all times. Beginning around 1912, the House of David began fielding a team of long haired, bearded men who eventually beat all the local teams and began to move out for more competition. By 1919, these House of David Baseball players were traveling the entire United States, including much of Canada, Mexico and Cuba. As they barnstormed across the continent, they picked up players like Satchel Page, Grover Cleveland Alexander, and even Babe Ruth for a short stint. Their players were loved by all the fans, for they would play a famous game called the "Pepper Game" which was said to be worth the price of admission just to see these long haired players clowning around and hiding the ball under their beards. For many years they won over 100 games in a season, and in 1929 they won 110 out of 165 games. They are highly spoken of in the well written book "The Negro Baseball Leagues" by Phil Dixon and Patrick J. Hannigan. Their teams played into the early 1950's, at which time the colony members felt their age would prohibit them from traveling any more. The House of David Museum is aggressively seeking any and all baseball memoribilia, including but not limited to uniforms, hats, newspaper clippings, photos, movies or broadsides, posters, etc.

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